Thursday, November 18, 2010

I learn something new every day...

Check out this contraption! This is what's called a "blower door test". It's used to seal a door off temporarily and determine the air-tightness of a home. They use the blower-door test among other things to determine the energy efficiency rating that a house can receive. Jimmy Nash Homes uses blown-in cellulose insulation, Anderson Low-E windows, spray foam around those windows, sealed duct-work, and, of course, a lot of folks are opting to install a geothermal system in order to be super energy-efficient. Almost all of his new homes have earned an Energy Star rating of 5 Star or 5 Star+. I can't wait to see how we rate! Jimmy's houses consistently score 25-30% more efficient than other builders in our area being rated by this standard. That translates to at least that much in savings per month in your energy bills, and potentially even more with the geo-thermal heating and cooling. This is so exciting, because we know that energy costs just continue to rise. So why not build energy efficient? New is better!!

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  1. Wow, I don't really think most homes are tested that way.